Hibiscus flavor

let's get you back on tract

Treat your loyal body to a tea that helps soothe your urinary tract with every sip.

u.t.why? is a potent blend of bacteria-fighting herbs, including Uva-Ursi, Dandelion Leaf, Marshmallow Root, and Cranberry, that help to flush out symptoms of infection before they start. Added Licorice Root also prevents those unwanted life forms from sticking to your urinary tract.
Together, these ingredients help flush impurities and soothe inflamed urethral tissues.
- Fights Bacteria (Uva Ursi, Peppermint, Cranberry, Goldenseal, Hibiscus & Licorice Root)
- Flushes Urinary Tract (Dandelion Leaf & Nettle)
- Anti-inflammatory & Soothing (Marshmallow Root, Plantain, Horsetail & Green Tea)

Pour freshly boiled water over one tea bag. Steep 4 - 6 minutes and remove tea bag.

Proprietary blend of:
Organic Green Tea
Organic Uva Ursi
Organic Dandelion Leaf
Organic Cranberry Pieces
Organic Horsetail
Organic Marshmallow Root
Organic Peppermint
Organic Licorice Root
Organic Hibiscus
Organic Nettle
Organic/ Kosher/ Non-GMO/ Gluten-Free/ Vegan
loyal's commitment to Whole Body Balance means that everything we create supports your body’s natural pH and a happy, thriving microbiome.

loyal's organic (HER)BAL BODY TEA BLENDS are herbalist-curated and custom-blended to soothe & balance all your parts & cycles.

Hibiscus cleansing blend acts fast to flush impurities and ease urinary discomfort.

  • Urinary Tract Relief – Flush out toxins and balance pH levels within the body. Cleanse and restore your urinary tract to optimal functioning.
  • Fast-acting UTI support - A combination of highly-effective anti-bacterial, soothing herbs more natural than common OTC solutions.
  • Herbs are magical! u.t.why? is a potent blend of organic herbs that targets the urinary tract and works quickly to naturally soothe and cleanse your urethra, bladder and kidneys.
  • 100% organic - Our blended, whole-leaf tea is 100% organic, packaged in biodegradable pyramid sachets. Organic/ Kosher/ Non-GMO/ Gluten-Free/ Vegan
  • Loyal's organic (HER)BAL BODY TEA BLENDS are herbalist-curated and custom-blended to soothe & balance all your parts & cycles.

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