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a clean sweep, a fresh start

Tea Tree Oil's natural properties create a balanced vaginal environment, so you can start your week off feeling fresh and balanced. These suppositories are loved for their soothing, deodorizing, and hydrating benefits.

Go ahead and add these potent refreshers to your self-care routine for regular maintenance, especially after sex, or the last few days of your period.

Tea Tree oil helps calm symptoms of infections by bringing your vaginal pH back into balance. It is natural, safe, effective and OBGYN approved.

  Supports Odor Control
Soothes Discomfort

Start with squeaky clean hands and wash your vulva and outer vaginal bits with mild soap and water. We recommend test driving these suppositories right before bedtime.

Take one suppository and peel back plastic strips at the bottom of the package to remove the goods.

Insert the suppository into your vagina using your finger or an applicator just like you would a tampon. You can trying laying down if it's easier.

In just a few minutes, the suppository will fully dissolve and start working. As your vagina heals, it's common to experience a little discharge, so we recommend using a pantyliner as backup.

Repeat this process every night for 6 days. If your symptoms continue, keep using the suppositories for another week.

Australian Tea Tree Oil, Hydrogenized-Vegetable Oil

ph Balance

Our Whole Body Balance Commitment Loyal’s commitment to Whole Body Balance means that everything we create supports your body’s natural pH and a happy, thriving microbiome. All the gentle antimicrobials included in our products won’t clean you out of all the good stuff or throw your body out of balance.

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