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Our mission is to support every body part equally, with products that make knowing your body easy and loving your whole body the norm.

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We care about relationships with bodies. With ours, yours and each others’. We want to make a world where taking care of your whole body, including sexual health, is a much-celebrated priority.

To do that, we created LOYAL --
A brand that focuses on your optimum whole body wellness, which translates to a happier, healthier you. From intimate health treatments to vitamins and supplements, LOYAL offers safer, better, more sustainably-sourced ingredients.

As a brand, our most valuable resource is YOU!
Our online and offline community is a hub of friendly, evidence-based, shared knowledge providing access to wholebody education, advice and support.

At Loyal, we know that the more we have the conversation about whole body and sexual wellness, the healthier and happier all bodies will be. Above all, Loyal seeks to normalize how we view our bodies as something to be celebrated and cared for. Because we love all our parts -- and yours too.


Having a human body should not be a shameful experience. We aim to normalize the often stigmatized dialogue surrounding sexual health, mental wellness, & whole body acceptance by creating an open, judgement-free space that empowers us, as individuals and as a society, to shed the shame.


Knowing your body and how to care for it is a cornerstone of the human experience. However, whole body care is often shrouded in misinformation and shame. We provide an open, inclusive, and educational platform that teaches best practices for whole body personal care and wellness throughout all stages of body development.


Cultivating an open dialogue with our community gives us the unique ability to intuitively know, understand, and create products tailored to the needs of all bodies. We have created a stigma-free space that provides the information & supporting products that all bodies need to be healthy and whole. Through continuous innovation with the support of forward thinking medical professionals, we are always finding new ways to improve whole body wellness and create a more harmonious relationship with your body.


The human body is pretty awesome, and we believe every part deserves to be celebrated. We encourage a healthy relationship (inside & out) with all your parts, regardless of gender identity or expression. We never judge, we just love.

Who we are and why we're here

We started out as supplement creators and whole body wellness enthusiasts. After taking a look at the current state of general vaginal health, we realized that too many people don’t know their own bodies.
Too many “feminine hygiene” products cover up symptoms, instead of addressing their root cause. And too many people suffer in silence and shame for years from perfectly treatable vaginal health issues. We set out to change that with a brand that embraces whole body love, deconstructs cultural shame, and promotes fundamental education about bodies and their needs. That passion project evolved into the loyal we know and love today.

The love we make The products we create are designed to TREAT infections, PREVENT imbalances, and MAINTAIN each cornerstone of whole body health. To accomplish that, we have to love and support all parts, including your vagina, your gut, and even your neurotransmitters. From intimate health treatments to vitamins and supplements, loyal offers safer, better, more sustainably-sourced ingredients to all. Because our brand exists to support YOU -- our most valuable source of inspiration.


Though we started our brand with vaginal health products, we’re not stopping there. Bodies of all shapes, sizes, and parts deserve love, and we are working to expand LOYAL’s capacity to include them all. As we grow, expect to see MOOD LOVE products, PENIS LOVE products, and even PROSTATE LOVE products someday in the future.

But there’s one thing about LOYAL we don’t see changing. Our true north is creating a space for education, inspiration, innovation, and celebration of all parts of the body at any stage of wellness, inside and out. And that guiding intent is here to stay.

LOYAL to you. LOYAL to our mission. LOYAL to bodies everywhere.