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We take pride in using clean ingredients and potent formulas with every product we launch. Consumer education and transparency is what keeps us honest and accountable, and empowers you to learn WHY our products work.

Nature is a wonder, and in the right doses, she can do some pretty awesome things for our bodies. A few earth-grown ingredients and a little bit of science is enough to give you the tools to love all your parts.

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  • BORIC ACID - Boric Acid naturally restores a healthy acidic pH in the vagina, allowing your body to fight off infection and discomfort while maintaining optimal vaginal health.

    FOS FRUTO-OLIGOSACCHARIDEAS - used as prebiotics. Don't confuse prebiotics with probiotics, which are live organisms, like lactobacillus, bifidobacteria, and saccharomyces, and are good for your health. Prebiotics act as food for these probiotic organisms. People sometimes take probiotics with prebiotics by mouth to increase the number of probiotics in their intestine.

    ALOE VERA - A suppository comprising aloe intended for bacterial infections and as an anti-inflammatory agent, anti-allergic agent and promoter of wound-healing.

    TEA TREE - is designed to provide relief from vaginal pruritus (itching) and soothe inflamed anal mucosa to contain the spread of rectal and vaginal infection. Excellent for the control of candida infection. All of the above described conditions are quite common in the community generally resulting from invasion of microorganisms as a consequence of, for example, dietary habits or specific long-term medications.

    CALENDULA - soothes vaginal tissue, heals minor abrasions, and discourages infection. Topically, calendula flower oil is used as an anti-inflammatory and for poorly healing wounds. ... Calendula also is antibacterial, antiviral, and antitumor.

    OLIVE OIL - The king of oil from the Mediterranean is next on the list. As a lipid lubricant, olive oil is packed with unsaturated fatty acids that help enhance hydration and repair vaginal tissues.

    SUNFLOWER SEED OIL - an anti-inflammatory rich in linoleic acid; soothes skin, potentially boosts healing properties and acts as a protective barrier oil and antioxidant, retaining moisture and providing the skin with vitamin E. Over time vaginal skin can become dry and tear easily, especially after menopause.

    SEABUCKTHORN OIL - is quite easy to find in any health food store and is taken orally. It has been found to help with mucosal integrity within the vagina which in turn reduces vaginal dryness and irritation.

    AVOCADO OIL - It’s a protein-rich moisturizing oil high in Vitamins A and E. It just feels wonderful and is vastly superior to processed, chemical-based sexual lubricants.

    ALOE VERA - Aloe’s hydrating compounds reduce irritation and itching while promoting the production of natural lubricants. If you’re someone who is prone to infections, aloe vera is also an anti-inflammatory and an antibiotic, making it an excellent product to apply.

    VITAMIN E - It turns out that our vaginas need all the vitamins they can get -- especially Vitamin E. This skin repairing nutrient helps to soothe irritated vaginal linings and naturally increases healthy amounts of lubrication. The better hydrated our vaginas are, the more protected they are

    HONEY - There’s a reason that honey is often used in luxury skin care. It’s a natural humectant that plumps up skin with dewy moisture. We love honey as a pH balancing ingredient because it also kills bad bacteria and fungal infections, while supporting key hormone levels.

    WILD YAM ROOT EXTRACT - helpS with dryness, rich in diosgenin, a plant compound structurally similar to those found in the body, that can naturally help support women gently and effectively during times of imbalance.

    GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT - For antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral activity, and for immunity. Grapefruit seed extract can potentially interfere with a variety of medications.

    CRAMP BACK EXTRACT - Cramp bark is very useful for relieving irregular spasmodic pains of the uterus and ovaries and menstrual symptoms

    SARSPARILLA EXTRACT - reduces excess vaginal secretions

    DONG QUAI - used to treat female reproductive problems. These include vaginal dryness, premenstrual syndrome, menopausal symptoms, and hot flashes

    CHASTE TREE BERRY - Essential oils , flavanoids - anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-viral properties, stimulates the secretion of melatonin

    MACA POWDER - Menopausal Symptoms: May Significantly reduces hot flashes, tender breasts, night sweats, sleeplessness, emotional upsets, vaginal dryness, May Help with painful periods, PMS, flooding and/or scant flow

    NONI EXTRACT - Reduce Vaginal Discomfort, Reduce Vaginal Itch and Discharge

    COCONUT OIL - a wonderful lubricant as it restores the skin’s barrier function, which helps to reduce vaginal dryness symptoms such as itchiness, burning pain and of course, dryness.

    CHAPARRAL OIL - a bolus to treat vaginal infections, yeast and candida

    ORANGE PEEL OIL - antioxidant, hydrating, immune building

    EUCALYPTUS OIL - gentle yet help kill a variety of yeast, parasites and fungi

    ROSE OIL - nourishing, soothing and hydrating vaginal serum for women of all ages, can assist with vaginal itching, discomfort, dehydration and thinning.

    LEMONGRASS OIL - effective in treating oral or vaginal infections caused by fungus

    EDERBERRY SEED OIL - help cleanse your liver from prescription medications and hormones from birth control pills

    lACTOBACILLUS ACIDOPHILUS - it is also found in a healthy gut, but in the vagina, acidophilus produces lactic acid, lowering the ph and suppressing the growth of other, potentially infectious bacteria oregano leaf extract:oregano as anti-bacterial, antifungal and antiviral effects.

    cAPRYLIC ACID - it has antibacterial and antifungal effects.

    PROTEASE - provides the bacteria with essential nutrition to help them maintain a healthy vaginal microbiome.

    CELLULASE - cellulase breaks down the cellulose in candida cell walls.

    ARABINOGALACTAN - these complex carbohydrates are used to boost and support the immune system.

    ANISE SEED EXTRACT - inhibits the growth of yeast like candida and other forms of fungi that can infect the vagina.

    BLACK WALNET HULL POWDER - it has been used for centuries as an antibacterial agent.

    WORMWOOD LEAF POWDER - it has been traditionally used as an anti-inflammatory agent as well as an anti-bacterial, antifungal agent.

    REISHI MUSHROOM EXTRACT - helps to increase the production of the cellular messengers that the immune system uses to communicate with other immune cells.