Disposable Vaginal Suppository Applicators

Efficient | Compact | Comfortable

your suppository's little helper

Since a hands-on approach isn’t for everyone, our OBGYN-recommended vaginal suppository applicators make it a whole lot easier to get the job done with far less mess.

Use a suppository applicator to safely and hygienically insert a Loyal vaginal suppository.

1. Unwrap protective plastic wrapping.
2. Load one suppository into the top of the applicator.
3. Insert the applicator into your vagina and release the suppository.

Pro Tip: If using an applicator while standing feels too awkward, lie down on a towel or at the edge of your bed to insert it.

Loyal’s commitment to Whole Body Balance means that everything we create supports your body’s natural pH and a happy, thriving microbiome. All the gentle antimicrobials included in our products won’t clean you out of all the good stuff or throw your body out of balance.

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