Feminine pH Test Strips 3-5.5
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keep yourself in check

Feeling off? No worries, these super easy-to-use vaginal pH test strips can help you determine if your pH is unbalanced. Designed for portability and accuracy, you can monitor your pH levels from just about anywhere to maintain a healthy vaginal environment.

*Monitors pH Levels *Results in Seconds *Supports Self-Care Routine

Acidity & alkaline ph balance test kit
100 tests

Knowing when your pH needs regulating is a great way to learn about your own body.
Check your pH with our In Your pHeels test strips to see where your vagina is.

A healthy vaginal H is 3.8-4.5

Periods can kick that up to 7.4

Semen and other bodily fluids go up to 7.1-8

Wash and dry your hands. Cut a piece of the ph strip from the roll. While laying down hold the strip and insert into your vagina so that the paper comes in contact with the vaginal wall. Hold for 5 seconds.
Remove the strip and wait for 30 seconds, be careful not to touch the paper.
Compare the result to the enclosed color chart.
Please note: If the test strip color does not match any color on the color chart, that is an indication of abnormal ph level.

Our Whole Body Balance Commitment Loyal’s commitment to Whole Body Balance means that everything we create supports your body’s natural pH and a happy, thriving microbiome. All the gentle antimicrobials included in our products won’t clean you out of all the good stuff or throw your body out of balance.

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