Safe, healthy sex is for everyone. No shaming allowed.

Getting down is awesome, and it’s also one of the many reasons to appreciate our bodies and what they can do for us. BUT sex can also come with a whole slew of biological complications, like pregnancy, pain during intercourse, and even vaginal infections. By promoting safe, healthy, and evidence-based sex care, we want to help everyone learn to love their bodies a whole lot more.



Say hello to our daily ride or die; Intimist is a hydrating and deodorizing essential oil spray. It helps balance your vaginal pH, alleviate odors and discomfort, and refreshes your vagina post gym, boardroom meeting, or impromptu romp with your boo. Intimist is designed to be as mobile as you are.



balanced vaginal environment and alleviate common yeast infections. HydroCalm can even double as a personal lubricant, so you can have all the fun without throwing off your pH.



Natural vaginal & rectal Tea Tree suppositories are soothing and balancing. Our anti-bacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic antimicrobial melts will cleanse and refresh all your parts.