So Feeling Less Gross During a Vaginal Infection is a Thing

There’s no need to resign yourself to a week or two of suffering through a vaginal infection. Feeling better starts today.

Why the Little Things Are Life-Savers During a Vaginal Health Crisis 

Part of what makes a vaginal infection so traumatic is the feeling that our bodies have become “gross” and unmanageable. But it’s bigger than that – feeling icky and overwhelmed can make an infection worse.

Stress damages the immune system, throwing off our natural microbiome and lengthening healing time. Anything you can do to feel better during a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis (BV) spell can actually help your body rebound faster.

So go ahead and invest in a little #selfcare in addition to an effective treatment.

Top 3 Tips: Vaginal Suppository Applicators, Panty Liners, and “Period Undies” 

Get ready to screenshot the following list of treatment helpers:

  1. Suppository Applicators like these make treating a vaginal infection simple, effective, and less awkward/messy, especially while at work or on the go. They also prevent your hands or fingers from transferring even more bacteria into an already inflamed area of the body. 
  2. Panty Liners help contain discharge and manage any uncomfortable smells from accumulating. Something as simple as feeling clean despite a vaginal infection can make all the difference in staying sane and getting back in your groove.
  3. Period Undies are even better for serious levels of discharge and let your regular daily underwear walk away unscathed. They’re also a more sustainable, reusable option that prevents disposable sanitary pads from piling up in a landfill.

For more tips on staying comfortable while dealing with turbulent vaginal health, get in touch with us here.