Best Life: When Your Vaginal Health Needs an Extra Boost

Pure boric acid has changed lives all on her own – but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t play well with others. Meet Best Life: a stepped-up boric acid suppository for those who want, or need, to be a little EXTRA when it comes to their vaginal health. 

Hold Up: Why Does My Vagina Need Boric Acid Anyway?

Unfortunately, the traditional method of treating yeast overgrowths with azole-based products and prescriptions can result in the development of antifungal resistant infections. Likewise, a doctor’s visit and a pharmacy trip isn’t always enough to knock out BV, either. 

In reality, traditional antifungals and BV medications are often just a band-aid for a persistent vaginal pH and microbiome imbalance. When we don’t heal the root of the problem, vaginal infections just keep coming back. *sigh* 

That’s why we turned to research-backed boric acid to develop our best-selling Boric Life – because it not only kills the infection, it helps the vagina regain its healthy pH, which in turn promotes a better balance of vaginal flora and long-term healing. 

…but then we thought, why stop with just one kick-ass natural ingredient? 

The Boric Acid, Aloe Vera, & Prebiotics in Best Life Heal Extra-Resistant Vaginal Infections

For most folks, a week or 2 of Boric Life alone is enough to kill an infection, relieve pain, and re-establish long-term vaginal balance.

However, not everyone is so lucky in life. Some conditions are more persistent than others and some bodies need more TLC than others, which is why we created Best Life vaginal suppositories with an extra-potent combo of boric acid, aloe vera, and FOS prebiotics. 

While boric acid does its usual pH balancing, soothing aloe vera calms inflamed tissues, providing pain relief and protection from additional infection and bacteria exposure. FOS prebiotics then feed naturally occurring healthy bacteria in the vagina, so that they can re-establish proper microbiome balance. 

So when you’re stuck in a perpetual funk with an extra hellish yeast or BV infection, Best Life has your back – and so do we. Feel free to reach out any time you need a little guidance, or just some solidarity.