Sweating Side Effects – How Gym Rats Can Maintain Vaginal pH

Going from the gym, to class, to work, to happy hour is hell of a grind – but hey, we’re not here to stop you. Gym-loving lifestyles have raised the demand for all kinds of quick hygiene fixes to keep us fresh and cute, but what about your V?

Busy Lifestyles Predispose Us to pH Imbalances & Vaginal Infections 

Working out on a regular basis can cause disruptions in our delicate vaginal environments.

Sweaty, damp groin areas breed bacteria and throw off pH. Not to mention that the added stress we experience from being alive in the 21st century already has a tendency to inhibit our immune systems and threaten vaginal pH. That’s why your gym obsession could also be a recipe for a yeast infection or a BV hell-scape.

But don’t worry – your vaginal health can be as easy to manage as blasting your roots with a little dry shampoo post sweat sesh. 

Vaginal Refreshing Sprays Keep You Balanced Even After Hot Yoga

Think of naturally anti-microbial vaginal refresher mists as skin care for your vagina. If you don’t have time to shower before your next meeting/shift/class, a pH balancing refresher spray can let you squeeze in a workout without risking a pH imbalance or an infection.

Provided that your mist of choice is more than just a body spray for your vagina, vaginal refreshing sprays can even prevent genital acne, ingrown hairs, and fungal rashes too.

For information on how to keep your vagina as healthy as the rest of you, reach out to us.